10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 in India: Top Picks for Gamers

Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs 1000: Are you on a tight budget but looking for a gaming mouse that will enhance your gaming experience? If so, this article is for you. There are plenty of gaming mouse in the market that offer excellent performance. In this article, we explore the best gaming mouse under 1000 rupees. It will give you the precision and responsiveness you need to take your gaming skills to the next level.

Why do you need a gaming mouse?

Gaming mouse are specially designed to meet the needs of gamers. They offer features that are not available in conventional mouse. These features include high-precision sensors, customizable buttons, ergonomic design, and fast response times.

All these features are essential for gaming. Because it helps gamers achieve a better gaming experience. Improve their accuracy and increase their chances of winning.

Without a gaming mouse, gamers may find it challenging to execute complex movements, track movements accurately, or respond quickly to game situations.

What to Look for in a Gaming Mouse

Before we get into the best gaming mouse under 1000, let’s first discuss the features you should look for while choosing a gaming mouse.


The sensor is considered the core component of a gaming mouse. It determines the accuracy, responsiveness, and speed of the mouse. When choosing a gaming mouse, look for a sensor with a high DPI (dots per inch) rating and a high polling rate. This will ensure that the mouse is accurate and responsive.


Ergonomics are key when it comes to gaming mouse. You need a mouse that is comfortable to use for long periods of time and fits your hand well. Look for a mouse that has the right shape and size for your grip style.


Gaming mouse come with different button configurations. Some have additional buttons that can be customized to perform specific functions. Others have a more basic structure. Consider how many buttons you need and whether you want a mouse with programmable buttons.


Most gaming mouse connect to your computer via USB. But there are also wireless options. If you choose a wireless mouse, make sure it has low latency to prevent lag.

10 Best Gaming Mouses Under 1000 in India

1. Lenovo Legion M200

Lenovo Legion M200

Model NameM200-WW
Number of Buttons5
Connector TypeUSB
Movement Detection TechnologyOptical
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Item Weight150g

The Lenovo Legion M200 RGB gaming mouse is an excellent option for new and amateur PC gamers. It boasts an ambidextrous and comfortable design. The ambidextrous design makes it suitable for use by both left and right-handed individuals. Despite its affordable price, the M200 offers uncompromised functionality and performance, making it a great value for money.

With a maximum operating temperature of 40 degrees Celsius (104 F), the M200 features a 5-button design and up to 2400 DPI with 4 levels of DPI switch. This enables users to modify DPI on-the-fly. The 7-color circulating backlight not only adds to the look and feel of the device, but the braided cable ensures comfort and strength.

One of the best things about the M200 is that it is easy to use and set up without any extra complicated software. This means that users can simply plug it in and start gaming right away, without having to spend time configuring the device.

2. Ant Esports 320GM

Ant Esports GM320

BrandAnt Esports
Connector TypeWired
Product Dimensions‎22.7 x 14.7 x 5.2 cm
Mode Name‎GM320
DPI12800 – 4 Levels
Movement Detection TechnologyOptical
Hand OrientationRight
Item Weight185g

The Ant Esports GM320 gaming mouse is an excellent value-for-money option for FPS, MOBA, and RTS gamers. This device is equipped with eight buttons that can be programmed, as well as a fire button. That can be edited with the easy-to-use Ant Esports gaming software. This feature gives users a distinct edge in intense FPS battles.

The mouse also features multicolor RGB lighting. It Provides an immersive gaming experience. Users can easily turn the backlight on or off or change its color mode with the switch located at the bottom of the mouse.

With a maximum DPI of 12800 and 4 polling rates, the GM320 gaming mouse can be easily adjusted to match the speed required for different games. The ergonomic design of the mouse provides a comfortable claw grip. This helps to prevent fatigue even when using the mouse prolonged use..

The Ant Esports GM320 gaming mouse is a reliable option with a lifespan of 20 million clicks. The buttons have a neat rebound and provide good feedback. This mouse is accompanied by a one-year warranty.

3. HP G200 Gaming Mouse

HP G200 Gaming Mouse

Connector TypeUSB
Special FeatureWireless
Product Dimensions13 x 8.1 x 4.3 cm
Mode NameG200
DPI500 – 4000
Movement Detection TechnologyOptical
Item Weight153g

HP G200 Gaming Mouse is one of the 10 Best Gaming Mouse under 1000. This gaming mouse allows you to instantly switch between six DPI sensitivity settings. Provides quick response times for targeting, maneuverability, or speed. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and MacOS 10.3 or later, with an interface of USB 3.0. For the wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be provided either inside or along with the mouse.

The gaming buttons on this mouse are rated for up to 20 million clicks, ensuring long-lasting durability. Additionally, the high-definition (4000DPI) optical tracking provides more responsive cursor control. Providing you with accurate mastery over your movements.

Overall, this gaming mouse is a reliable choice for those seeking quick and accurate response times in their games. Its compatibility with both Windows and MacOS makes it a versatile option. The mouse is built with a durable design that ensures long-lasting use.

4. Redgear A-20 Gaming Mouse

Redgear A-20 Gaming Mouse

Connector TypeWired
Product Dimensions15.6 x 5.2 x 10.3 cm
Mode NameA-20
Movement Detection TechnologyOptical
Cable Lenth1.8m
Item Weight225g

This gaming mouse is equipped with a high-performance sensor. ideal for quick movements and reflexes. It features seven programmable buttons that can be easily customized to suit your needs.

With software, you can choose from 16.8 million color options for an immersive gaming experience. You can also change the DPI on the fly, with a maximum of 4800.

The 1.8m braided cable and sturdy build quality enhance the durability of the mouse. The switches and build quality are extra durable, ensuring long-lasting use. This mouse is made in China and weighs 225 g. It’s an excellent choice for gamers looking for a reliable and customizable gaming mouse.

5. EvoFox Shadow Optical USB

EvoFox Shadow Optical USB

Connector TypeUSB
Item Height39.8 Millimeters
Item Width6.3 Centimeters
DPI1200, 1800, 2400 & 3600
Movement Detection TechnologyLaser
Special FeatureLED Lights
Item Weight130g

Introducing Shadow, the gaming mouse with a razor-sharp edgy design and stunning 7-color rainbow lighting with a breathing effect. Get ready to battle in style!

With its gaming-grade sensor, Shadow provides precise and fast tracking for your gaming needs. It also has 4 levels of DPI adjustments (1200, 1800, 2400 & 3600).

Made of gaming-grade materials, Shadow is built to last. Its 6 buttons have been tested for more than 7 million clicks. Please note that the side buttons on the mouse are non-programmable and can be used as forward and backward buttons. Shadow also comes with a 1.8-meter-long and durable braided cable.

6. Lenovo Legion M300

Lenovo Legion M300

Connector TypeUSB
Product Dimensions12.7 x 7.01 x 4.19 cm
Number of Buttons8
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Item Weight88g

The mouse has dimensions of 109×170.5×64 and weighs 112 grams. It features 8 buttons. With two additional buttons on each side, and can handle up to 8000 DPI. You can customize the RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors through Legion Accessory Central.

The ambidextrous design has textured soft side grips. Making it ideal for both palm and claw grip users. Additionally, it has 8 programmable buttons and a quick DPI switch.

The mouse is also lightweight and comes with a durable cable. The LR buttons have a lifecycle of 10 million clicks. The base of the mouse is coated with 0.6 mm thick 100% pure PTFE material, ensuring smooth and accurate sliding.

7. Ant Esports GM400W

Ant Esports GM400W Gaming Mouse

BrandAnt Esports
Product Dimensions10.2 x 6.4 x 3.5 cm
Number of Buttons6
Special FeatureWireless
Item Weight55g

This gaming mouse offers a sleek and elegant design with six buttons and durable switches. It operates on a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. It also features RGB LED illumination for added visual appeal.

The mouse is stable and comfortable for extended gaming sessions, with DPI options ranging from 1200 to 2400 to 3200. With a lifespan of 3 million clicks, this mouse is designed to provide reliable performance over the long term.

8. Lenovo Ideapad M100

Lenovo Ideapad M100

Connector TypeUSB
Product Dimensions12.45 x 12.45 x 6.53 cm
Movement Detection TechnologyOptical
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Item Weight90g

This gaming mouse is equipped with micro-switches for the left and right buttons that have a lifecycle of 10 million clicks. With an adjustable sensor, you can outperform your rivals with a high-precision sensor that adjusts from 800-3200 DPI on-the-fly and a polling rate of 1000 Hz to put an end to latency.

The 2-zone 7-color cycling LED backlights with breathing effects allows you to battle in style. And you can customize the function of your mouse to suit each mission.

The M100 features an ergonomic design with enhanced grip and control, including 2 side buttons and a unique Nylex-painted surface. This lightweight mouse weighs only 90g, making it ideal for long-time use, and comes with a 1.8m PVC USB cable.

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9. Offbeat RIPJAW Gaming Mouse

Offbeat RIPJAW Gaming Mouse

Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi
Product Dimensions14 x 7 x 4.1 cm
Movement Detection TechnologyOptical, Laser
Special FeatureRechargeable Wireless Mouse
Item Weight125g

The Ripjaw wireless mouse comes with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. When the battery drains, you can continue playing in a wired connection while simultaneously charging the mouse. This means there’s no need to wait for the mouse to charge separately or to purchase new batteries.

The plug-and-play feature and auto-sleep feature make it easy to use. The integrated time-sensing technology automatically places the mouse in sleep mode if left idle.

Experience zero delays between your thoughts and actions with the advanced gaming-grade 2.4 wireless connection. The sensor works at a speed of 180 inches/sec with a 45 G acceleration, providing a response time of 1 ms.

The 7D buttons provide plenty of options for you to handle any situation with ease. The mouse comes with pre-programmed forward/back navigation buttons and an easy-to-use scroll wheel. You can also set the sensitivity parameters to suit your gaming style, with multiple choices available from 1600-2400-3200 DPI.

10. Amazon Basics Wired Gaming Mouse

Amazon Basics Wired Gaming Mouse

BrandAmazon Basics
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Product Dimensions7.2 x 4.1 x 13.6 cm
Number of Buttons8
Special FeatureErgonomic Design
Item Weight144g

This Amazon Basics wired gaming mouse offers a customizable experience with four DPI settings ranging from 250 to 4000 DPI. With 8 preprogrammed buttons, you can use default settings or customize them to suit your gaming style.

The mouse has rubber grips and low-friction feet. It provides comfort for long gaming sessions without any obstacles.

Equipped with a fusion engine, this mouse can reach high tracking speeds of up to 500 IPS. Its advanced response rate ensures that your actions are communicated to the game at the highest possible speed.

Final Words

All of this gaming mouse have unique features that cater to the different preferences and needs of gamers. Some offer high-precision sensors and adjustable DPI settings, while others focus on durability and comfort. Whether you’re a casual or competitive gamer, there’s a gaming mouse out there that’s perfect for you. It’s important to consider your playing style and budget before making a purchase.

Thank you for reading my article on the 10 best gaming mouse under 1000. I hope that the information provided has been helpful in your select of the perfect gaming mouse.

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